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Building Community: Inclusion Through Picture Communication Board

In an effort to ensure our school continues to be an inclusive, welcoming space where all individuals feel that they belong and are a part of the community, Kingswood will be having a Picture Communication Board installed over the summer.  What is this?  This is a larger, metal version of something known as a "Core Board" which is a way for students who may not be able to verbalize their needs and wants to communicate with others what their needs are.  Students may have exceptional needs and this is a way for them to communicate with others, and this can also be used for students who do not yet have enough English to let others around them know what their needs are.  We also know that when students may be dysregulated and unable to express themselves, this Picture Communication Board could prove to very useful for them when they may be experiencing those big, strong emotions.  This item has been ordered and was funded through the school's Canadathon fundraiser.  It should be installed between the two playgrounds front playgrounds, in the summer of 2024.

Updated: Sunday, June 16, 2024