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Building Community: Activities For Students

One of the several special things about Kingswood is the number of activities that are offered to students, in addition to the traditional athletics teams.  We are very grateful to have a strong connection to the high school that our students attend in grade 8, specifically with connections with Coach Dhillon (a McNair staff member) who often brings former Kingwood students back with him during lunch times to offer open gym sessions in basketball, as well as helping coach one of our basketball teams.  The sense of community between our high school and our own school are quite strong.  Our staff offer several other activities for students, including basketball, volleyball, hockey, a dance team, Coding Club, our R.E.A.G.L.E.S. student leadership group, a primary games club outside, as well as a Chess Club.  Kingswood is a place where students are able to join in with several different extracurricular activities that peak their interest.  

Updated: Tuesday, June 18, 2024