Literacy: What do we have? What do our students need?

One of the subjects up for discussion as part of our literacy/reading focus this year:  where are all of our resources?

Kingswood is a special school in terms of layout--it's organized into a pod system.  We found that many of our literacy resources, i.e. multiple copies of titles, were housed in various parts of the school. In order for us to know exactly what we have in terms of literacy resources, we had staff spend time pulling out all of the literacy materials in the school compiling them together, and then looking to see what we needed to purchase to meet our kids' literacy needs.  We had already purchased the LLI kits (green and blue sets), but we also found that we had a plethora of other materials that not everyone knew about!  We will be organizing these into a consolidated book room for all staff to access to support our students.  Exciting!

Updated: Thursday, December 2, 2021