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Kingswood’s Story

Mascot/Logo change

During the 2016-17 school year we had decided to change our school mascot/logo. The reasoning behind the change was for us to have a mascot that could be visibly seen right here in Richmond, thus creating more of a connection with our community. The concept of “place” is very prevalent in Aboriginal culture and with the new curriculum’s emphasis on Aboriginal content, we felt this would be the ideal time to incorporate the change. The students and staff had decided that the new mascot would be the eagle. Along with a new traditional mascot we had also incorporated an Aboriginal logo that was created by a former Kingswood student of Coast Salish decent, Atheana Picha. We are very proud and happy with the results. There will also be a school wall mural painted on the main front exterior wall of the school during the month of Septemeber 2017. The mural will depect scenes of the Richmond community with the bald eagle (our new mascot) being the central figure. We also wanted to explore the questions; What makes us unique? What do we value? How do we define ourselves as members of the Kingswood community?