Adolescent Mental Health and Wellness Parent Session May 4th via Zoom

As part of Mental Health Week (May 2nd – 8th), Richmond SD 38 presents….


A parent information session on Adolescent Mental Health & Wellness – May 4th, 2022 (on Zoom) featuring:

Dr. Yifeng Wei, MA, PhD

Dr. Li Sha, MEd, PhD

Andrew Baxter, MSW RSW


This Parent Mental Health Literacy session is designed by for parents and families to improve their understanding of mental health and mental disorders, reduce stigma surrounding mental illness, encourage help-seeking and promote mental health. It is designed to align with the Mental Health & High School Curriculum Guide for youth and educators. The session aims to promote parent mental health literacy so that parents and families can support their children’s mental health more efficiently and effectively. 

This parent session will discuss the conceptual understanding about mental health, child brain development and common mental disorders occurring during adolescent years (e.g., depression, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and substance use disorder). It further provides evidence-based help-seeking strategies and information about treatment options to support youth in need of mental health care.

Please see the attached information flyer for additional details and a weblink/QR code to register. Closer to the May 4th date, a Zoom link will be sent to those who have registered.



做为精神健康周(5 2 日至 8 日)的一部分,列治文教育局将于2022 5 4






Andrew Baxter, MSW RSW


本次面向家长的精神健康素养课程是由“精神健康素养”的组织( 设计的,其目的是帮助家长和整个家庭提高对精神健康和精神疾病的认识,减少对精神疾病的耻辱感,鼓励大家积极寻求各种帮助以促进精神健康。这个课程的设计与针对青年人和教育工作者的《精神健康和高中课程指南》有内在的一致性,旨在提高家长的精神健康素养,帮助家长和整个家庭有能力更加有效地促进孩子的精神健康。




请阅读附上的信息传单(有中英两个版本),了解更详细的信息和用于注册的网络链接/二维码。课程的Zoom 链接将在临近5 4 日的时候发送给已经注册的家长。


Updated: Wednesday, April 13, 2022